Hello. This is the webpage of Thomas R. Defler and is meant to supply a bridge between my primate and other activities to interested people around the world. On this web page I´ll tell about books and other documents I have written about primates and other tropical fauna and I´ll post some of those documents here. I hope they will encourage others to communicate with me about the various themes and as well, I hope that the information will be informative for those interested in primates, tropical fauna and the Amazon. Since I have been studying Colombian primates for over 30 years and have lived many years in isolated parts of eastern Colombia, I reckon that I have a lot of stories to tell. For the last few years I have been organizing some of my memories in a new book that I hope to publish soon. I´ll keep you posted on the webpage and in my blog. The project here is to make as interesting and informative webpage as possible and I look forward to hearing from anybody interested in its contents.